Magic in Me Kids Camp


Magic in Me Kids Camp


Ages 7-12
July 17-21, 2017

Fee: $85

Performance on Friday at 2pm

Fly into the Wizarding World while experiencing the magic of musical theatre! This magical week of camp will feature plenty of acting, singing, and dancing as they rehearse and perform an imaginative, energetic musical on The Market stageWhile challenging their performance skills and "earning their wands", the young wizards of theatre will discover the magic within themselves. Campers of all experience levels will sing, dance, and act, while going behind the scenes, doing crafts, playing games, and competing in their own House Cup tournament.

In the enchanting musical Magic in Me, little Do-Nothing Dale appears to be a wizard in name only.  Laughed at and excluded by other wizards, Dale sets out on a journey to find her own “little bit of magic.”  Meeting plenty of magical friends (and foes) along the way, Dale eventually discovers just what it is that makes her unique. 

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